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To plan an appearance at your bookstore or other fiction/crime fiction-related event, As a former bookstore employee myself, I have many friends in the trade and I like to support bookstores who support my books. So I am very eager to consider any way in which I can contribute to your events.

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To send a fan letter, ask a question, or anything like that, I am a working writer, so I can't guarantee that I'll respond in a timely fashion (or at all), but I appreciate my readers and I am happy to hear from you. Mind you, if your question is "How do I get Harold Ramis to make a movie out of my book/screenplay/whatever," the only answer I can offer is "Have a great agent and get really lucky." For better advice than that, I'd read a book on the subject, not ask me.

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For information about rights to any of my books, contact my agent, Nicole Aragi.

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