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NOTE: The photos below are from several years ago. For current commentary from Scott, go to his blog
Pocketful of Ginch.

Above: Billy Bob Thornton, shortly after explaining to me that he changed one of his lines because he didn't think it was credible to say he came from Boston. Well, he has an Oscar for Best Screenplay, not me.

Movie stars are often short, right? THE ICE HARVEST is the first movie ever made by all tall people.

Actual ice awaiting harvesting! Of course, it's really fake Hollywood ice, but check the trailer to see how real this icy pond set looks in the movie.

As Harold puts it when they take me for a tour, "I'm guessing this is the only massage parlor in Wichita that was built by the Academy Award-winning production designer of Amadeus."

Hey, I missed this one when it came out! Somebody clearly had a lot of fun designing fake porn video jackets.

Fairly new from Scott Phillips: "Sockdolager," in The Best American Mystery Stories 2003

Scott hangs out with the likes of Joyce Carol Oates, Elmore Leonard, Walter Mosley, Pete Dexter, James Crumley and George Pelecanos in this latest edition of the bestselling anthology.

"Other brand names working at their peak include George P. Pelecanos ("The Dead Their Eyes Implore Us") and Scott Phillips ("Sockdolager"), both of whom probe the roots of characters from their respective novels." —Publishers Weekly

Or look for "Sockdolager" in this dazzling anthology by everybody who's anybody in noir fiction today!

Legendary noir publisher Dennis McMillan presents a personal selection of 24 poisonously good noir tales from the authors with whom he's been associated over the years—from current bestsellers Michael Connelly and George Pelecanos to masters like James Crumley and the late Charles Willeford.

For more information on this and other Dennis McMillan publications, click here.




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