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Wiki Ezvid

Got a mention in this video along with a few other writers as someone who finds humor in unlikely places. Dig the synthesized British narrator!

That Left Turn at Albuquerque
A hardboiled valentine to the Golden State, marking the return of noir master Scott Phillips.

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Shots Crime & Thriller EZine
Hardboiled Wonderland


Also see the Cottonwood page for excerpts from reviews not available online, and check back as more reviews come out.




Chicago Sun-Times—In this March 2004 piece, Scott talks about Cottonwood and the upcoming film of The Ice Harvest.

The Agony Column: Too Hot To Air!—In this February 2004 audio interview with Rick Kleffel for KUSP radio in Santa Cruz, CA, Scott reads a portion of Cottonwood, then has a conversation about sex and violence in the Old West that may be too honest (and funny) to air. Hear shocking audio in Real Audio here, MP3 here, and see a shocking picture of Scott here

Noir Originals—Advance information about Cottonwood, where the hair-on-fire scene from The Ice Harvest came from, and more in an April 2003 interview with mystery writer James Lincoln Warren

Dan Chaon—Scott interviews author Dan Chaon (Among the Missing) and clearly finds a kindred spirit with a similarly dark, funny take on the midwest

California Book Award Speech—Scott’s speech to the Commonwealth Club, telling how The Ice Harvest came to be and why he isn’t a screenwriter any more, accompanied by the wrong book cover